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HandHeld Mobile WordPress Theme
Today, more and more people are visiting your website on a mobile device. Due to small screen sizes, the viewing experience when visiting a normal website can be awkward. HandHeld solves this problem by serving your mobile visitors an alternate design that has been optimized for the small screen. HandHeld works in tandem with your normal theme, and is only used when the plugin detects that your visitor is using a mobile phone.

HandHeld Mobile WordPress Theme, 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings


  • There is a mobile theme/plugin that actually uses location to display which posts show up first. Its like a foursquare for your wordpress site. Its called Welocally Places Mobile and it uses HTML5 and jQuery mobile to make it easy for users to get a summary of the post and then find the place with driving directions and hooks for calling the location. It looks just like an iPhone app, it even has flips and swipe transitions like an iPhone app. It includes 15 different color variations for the UI.

  • Hi, great website, i’m trying to reach you to add http://wpapptouch.com to your website if you like.

    WPapptouch is a WordPress theme and plugin to transform your WordPress web site to a Native like application for mobile.

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